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21 Dec 2017

When travelling to new locations without any friends or family waiting for you, it can get difficult to maintain your diet and still get the proper nutrients you need. While it is usually possible to find vegetarian options, sticking to a stricter vegan diet can get pr...

19 Oct 2017

Detox and Cleansing Programs are always so difficult to on your own, so our team at The Farmacy has put together a package that's easy and affordable.

You'll get a program that's easy to follow, tasty, nutrition filled and cleansing. Plus daily instructions and a yoga/m...

2 Aug 2017

With summer now upon us, what better way to hydrate than with coconut water...

Not only does it taste great, but it is a great hydrator from the sun, quenches thirst from alcohol and is full of electrolytes! 

Electrolytes are inorganic compounds in our bodies, important...

30 Jul 2017

How to improve your posture using tips you can apply yourself

17 Jul 2017

The squat is an excellent compound, multi-joint exercise that should be part of everyone's routine. It is relatively simple to perform, requires no equipment, and can be done anywhere. The squat allows for us to meet many goals, from stronger abs - to improving posture...

Ser un SUPer no es solo una forma de vida apasionante. Es un cumulo de sensaciones magicas: Son tus pies deslizandose sobre el mar, sensacion de libertad y conexion absoluta de tu cuerpo, mente y naturaleza. Es un pack del  que ultimamente oimos mucho hablar...Pero, No...

26 Jun 2017

Vietnamese Spring Rolls don't need to be a delicacy only available from your local restaurant. Here we show you how to make them easily at home. It is important to not that the contents of your Spring Rolls are entirely up to you. We are demonstrating with one of our f...

21 Jun 2017

Here is a simple recipe for healthy, affordable, and delicious vegan Mexican Cheese. This snack can be made in 5 minutes, perfect for that quick cheesy fix.

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October 19, 2017

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