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“Yoga is my guide, my inspiration and my passion”

It has helped me to grow stronger, appreciate life as it is,

and reconnect with my true-self and the world around us."


Audrey started her yoga journey in London and was quickly hooked on yoga as she immediately noticed the positive effects and improved mind-body balance in her life.

Following years of regular Ashtanga practice, she decided to travel to India to complete a Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training at Trimurti Goa, qualifying in multi-styles yoga teaching (Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha). Whilst in India Audrey also explored different yoga paths, learning about yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation techniques from great teachers in Ashrams in Kerala, Mysore and Auroville.


Before moving to Marbella, Audrey taught yoga in wellness resorts, studios and gyms in India and Cambodia.

She is a passionate yogini, caring and enthusiastic teacher.   

She will encourage you to explore your full potential, challenge you both physically and mentally so that you can experience the beauty of yoga and leave the class feeling uplifted and nourished.


In yoga we combine physical alignment with mental alertness and awareness of breath and whilst the yoga poses or asanasaim at improving your strength, flexibility, balance, posture and vitality , ultimately yoga will bring you inner peace, harmony and balance.


“Yoga is freedom and peace, discipline and acceptance, letting go and connecting”​

My hope is that I can help others on that journey


At The Farmacy, Audrey teaches Power Yoga, Gentle Flow and Dynamic Flow classes.

She loves creative sequencing, focuses on correct alignment and aim to help you deepen your practice.

She can also customize private classes for you in English or French.

Dynamic Flow

Contemporary style of yoga called Vinyasa

In these classes we use sun salutations and flow from one asana to another combining yoga poses with rhythmic breathing for an intense body-mind workout.

Great for improving your flexibility, helping you to develop a stronger body and more focused mind.

Be ready to move, unwind, stretch, strengthen and simply let go!

Open to all


Gentle Flow

A blend of Hatha and Vinyasa

These classes are a bit more relaxing, using stretches, gentle twists and balancing poses to unwind, feel more grounded and tensions in your body.

A great way to improve your health and feel replenished whilst exploring the benefits of yoga.

Recommended for beginners





  • Tuesday 10:30 - Hatha Flow

  • Thursday 10:30 - Hatha Flow

Qualifications & Experience: 

  • 200hr Yoga Alliance qualification in India in 2009 (with influences from Swami Sivananda)

  • Over 100 hours training under Claire Missingham and Clive Sheridan using intense pranayama and meditation practices, as well as at the Sivananda ashram in India

  • 300hr Yoga Alliance qualification in India in 2016 learning further adjustment and alignment techniques as well as bringing in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda/ the 5 elements into her teaching.

Teaching style:

While her foundation is in Hatha yoga, Susan also incorporates other styles learnt on her teaching journey, including Vinyasa flow, creative sequencing, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda/ the 5 elements.  Her 5 elements Hatha Flow class uses one of the 5 elements to bring focus to a specific chakra/ area of the body as well as pranayama.  She also teaches Yin yoga (focusing on the connective tissue/ fascia around the muscles) as well as meditation.

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Spanish Classes: ◦ PILATES ◦

Pilates opens a wide range of possibilities fore you. If you have back problems, circulation, arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, stress or you just need to tone up your body and calm your mind. Learn to move your body in harmony. It opens small group for classic pilates floor. Ask also for the personalized classes.



El Pilates abre un amplio abanico de posibilidades ante ti. Si tienes problemas de espaldas. De circulación, artritis, artrosis, fibromialgia. Stres o simplemente necesitas tonificar tu cuerpo y calmar tu mente. Aprende a mover tu cuerpo en armonía. Se abre grupo reducido para pilates clásico suelo. Pregunta también por las clases personalizadas.



Private Classes: Functional Training and Posture Rehabilitation

Therapy: Body Work - Myofascial Release Session