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Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

There is so much out there about Nutrition these days that it can get very overwhelming! Amongst the latest “Superfoods”; the best diets you should try; the do’s and don’ts as to which foods you should or should not eat….. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start, and who to turn to.


That’s where Naturopathic Nutritional therapy comes in…



How Naturopathic Nutrition can help you?


Naturopathic Nutrition is all about helping you to get back to health and vitality, by looking at you as an individual: completely unique biochemically, with individual constitutions and personal lifestyles, needs and desires.


Therefore by looking at your personal diet; your presenting symptoms; your individual lifestyle habits as well as your medical and family history; it is possible to see where the imbalances may lie. From this, a tailor made protocol can be created. For more details on my approach, click here.



What is Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy?


‣ A holistic therapy, based on nutritional science, seeking to bring back balance to the individual and promote health and wellbeing.


‣ It is about getting to the root cause of the problem via thorough questioning and testing, where required.


‣ It is about identifying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that may be causing recurring symptoms or chronic conditions.


‣ It is then using a tailor-made approach, giving the correct nutrients required for each individual, to reduce symptoms and bring you back to health and vitality.


‣ It is however NOT a replacement for medical advice and I would always recommend that you see your GP for any health concern, especially anything acute. Nutritional therapy can however work very well alongside conventional medicine, and why it also known as a complementary therapy. It can help support or alleviate some side effects of conventional medicine.



The Benefits of Naturopathic Nutrition


A personalised holistic approach gives you only what you need, allowing your body to adjust naturally

‣ Our bodies are very complex and adjust amazingly given the correct conditions, such as healthy food, fresh water, fresh air and exercise!

‣ Coined “The Healing power of Nature” by Hippocrates, resolving nutritional imbalances and changing lifestyles, can have dramatic effects.


It looks at the individual, not the ‘disease/ condition’


‣ We look at you and what you are presenting with, not giving you the same thing as everyone else with that same condition.


‣ This is done via thorough questioning and assessments including laboratory testing, as well as regular catch-ups.

It empowers you to take responsibility for your own health


‣ We educate you, with complete transparency, so you are able to take responsibility for what you put in your body and how you live your life.


‣ It supports, motivates and inspires you on your journey to optimum health!

For more on Naturopathic principles and its benefits, click here.



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