3 Super Easy tips to improve your Posture.

July 30, 2017



Our daily lives are loaded with unconscious bad posture habits! Whether you spend time at your computer, driving, or on your phone. Your posture becomes the shape you decide to position your body throughout the day.


From back pain to breathing restrictions, bad posture, can have a major impact on how we live and how we feel every day.


Learning how to build a deeper awareness of your body does take practice but the good news is that only after one session you can notice a change in your posture.


1. Talking on the phone and texting


It is common for many people to drop the head forward while texting.




Use headphones when you can while talking on the phone and when texting hold your phone or tablet up to eye level, so you don't need to drop your head. Set reminders in your phone to break the habit.



2. Wearing over-weighted bags or purses.


We tend to always carry bags over the same shoulder! And over time this causes shoulder discrepancy and shifts in the body to compensate.



 If you always carry your bag on one shoulder, its time to switch over! Keep it varied and (seriously) ladies try to reduce the amount of items you carry next time.




3. Wearing high heels shoes all day.


This causes your feet to become weak and increases stress on your weight-bearing joints (ankles, knees, hips and lower back).


Slip off your shoes when possible, use bare feet in your leisure time, walking on the grass or on the beach. When at the gym use equipment to stand on, which has an uneven surface such as: a bosu or wobble board.




This will assist with activating the nerve receptors in your feet and can help your nervous system; brain and muscles connect more efficiently to create better coordination.


Applying any of the 3 easy tips above, can assist in improving your posture and helps to smooth out your quality of movement throughout your daily lives.


For more information regarding posture, injury or pain management you can book a consultation with Vahdaneh, Functional Exercise Coach & Posture Specialist - at The Farmacy or attend her natural movement class or fascia therapy class.


See class schedule for dates and times.


To contact her directly click here

















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